Re: How Did You Become a Writer?



Wow. I feel like the odd man out. I didn’t write as a child, not at all. But I read voraciously. I would devour 2-3 of those MG horsey books a night. And lots of fantasy as well.

In school, I had a knack for writing essays. I was the go-to source when a classmate needed help (or a complete rewrite). A high school English instructor — Mr. Strange was his name — once pulled me aside after class and said something to the effect of “You know, you could really be a writer someday.” I didn’t believe him, didn’t think it was a viable career.

But being a starving artist or a starving horse trainer was? Yeah, tried those.

So it wasn’t until my daughter was born that I started freelance writing. I had lots of free time. Plus, I had always been good at it, right? Turned out I still was (at least my clients think so!). But this time, I wasn’t just good — I loved what I was doing.

One day an idea popped into my head for a story and wouldn’t let go. And now I’m here among a fantastic group of gals tryin’ to wrangle that story into submission. 😉