Re: I need a new blog



I have a blog on, but underadvice from another author and a couple articles; I bought my name domain from and have wordpress. The reason they say use your own (group blog) is you (group) benefit from “visits” to your blog or site. LIke this site women who critique is getting lots of “visits” or hits and shows up high and higher in search engines. I think it would be fun and supportive if we volunteered (sp?) interviews or making a committment on visiting out co members site and leaving a post? Web Presence! Agent’s and Publisher’s look at our web presence. If we do have one blog that we all go and post on then we want it to link to our blog—whad do you think. I think I could committ to posting on five different blogs a week or more if I had a linear list of everyone’s blog. So do we make a list? I think this a great think tank Chiaki. I’m tired, so I hope this post makes sense. Peace!