Re: In search of critique partners



Hi Rebekah,

I just joined LWC. I like the sound of your book and have read your profile (despite feeling like a bit of a stalker). I am currently in the process of publishing my first novel – a 100 presales contract – and am looking for a critique partner who will be open and honest, without being cruel.

Here is a brief synopsis of the novel: As a cash-in-transit security guard, Ethan knows the danger he faces on a daily basis. When a heist goes bad, he jeopardizes his life to save a beautiful woman. With a forced leave of absence from his job and months of healing ahead of him, they strike up an easy friendship… which soon develops into something deeper. But when Ethan’s recovery is complete and he returns to a risky job, Amelia finds it all too much to bear.

With past, present and future colliding, will Ethan choose Amelia or sacrifice his happiness in order to atone for past sins?

I’m also busy with another novel which is ‘nearly’ finished. I have never done any critiquing, so I’m not sure how much I will be able to help. That said, I will give as much as I can.

Let me know if you are interested in swopping a few chapters and we can go from there.