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I’ve been writing historical fiction since I’ve been seriously writing as a preteen. I’ve only done 20th century historical fiction for the vast majority of that time, since I fell out of love with 19th century American history (except for the Civil War era) and realized what the pioneer movement really did to the Native Americans.

My current WIP is the sequel to my superlong Russian historical novel, this one set from 1924 to 1930 in Manhattan and Minnesota (and a little bit in the Soviet Union, following some of the characters who didn’t immigrate yet). The first book is somewhat shorter than Anna Karenina, and I’m aiming to have the sequel about the same length. I’m not sure what length the outlined third book will be, but I know it’ll also be very long.

I also have four different YA series set in Atlantic City starting in 1938 and featuring the same characters. Each series has a different focus, though sometimes the events overlap.

I also have a very long work of contemporary historical women’s fiction set in Manhattan and Hudson Falls from 1959 to 1974, my imagined growing-up story and eventual happy ending of a young girl who could’ve been the girl who inspired the famous Four Seasons’ song “Rag Doll.” It’s around the length of The Brothers Karamazov, and at one point when I was querying, I was pretending Parts I and II were book one of a pretended trilogy. Then I realized it only works as one long, continuously flowing and developing story, modern-day prejudices against supersized books be damned.