Re: Introduce Yourself



Hello Ladies,

I’m Stephen, and as you can guess from my name and see in my dashing avatar, I’m a man. I found this site through twitter and am hoping it’s just the thing I was looking for.

The book I’m writing now is something very new for me. It’s narrated first person from a woman’s point of view. So, to write it, I need to be completely in the head of someone with very different experiences from my own. Of course, using empathy to understand why and how our characters do what they do is what a good writer is supposed to do, right?

Of course, another thing good writers do is research and get feedback from other good writers.

I’ve been told many times by female readers that they are surprised by how well I write female characters, but I’ve never tried anything like what I’m doing now. Heather is a beautiful and strong mother of 3 with recession era problems compounding pre-recession era problems to the point where her back is firmly against a wall. She is smart, funny and just incredibly fun for me write.

But I could always certainly use the help of good feedback. With this project, more than ever.

So that’s why I’m here, hoping to make some friends and get a little feedback. Also, I can be very helpful critiquing friends work as well.

Nice to meet you all, Stephen