Re: Introduce Yourself



Hello all, my name is Maria. I live in upstate NY, near Ontario lake. On a clear day, when we go to the park, I can see Canada on the other side. I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys, 8 years, 2 years and 1 years old, there birthdays are in April like mine (very busy month). My husband is a wonderful man that supports every thing I want to do. We are both pierced and tattooed a lot. lol.
As a artist writing was the logical next step, and something I have wanted to dew for a few years. The more I get into it the more I love it. I like critiquing, blogging isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Most of all I like my book idea, after a critique on my first 2 chapters (first draft) I had more confidence. There are some things I need to fix but over all its going good.
I talk about my book and art in general on my blog, its new so only 6 posts.
My book Helix-war of 3031 (maybe) has a strong independent woman lead. her father murdered by her uncle in front of her, unknown to him. Her mother takes her own life after her father’s “accident”, leaving her uncle to care for her at 11 years old, and run Helix until she was old enough to take her fathers place. On her 19th birthday she takes her place as head of Helix, and plots to kill her uncle. She will tern Helix around, and lead her kind into battle. Mutant fighting mutant in a struggle for control of the surface. Will she be able to save her people and the humans, and what of the green eyed stranger that’s bin watching her.
My first draft chapter one is on my blog if any one would like to take a look.
Glad to see you here Stephen, and nice to meat you all.