Re: Introduce Yourself



Hi Cathy, I’m Gwen.
I”ve always liked “My side of the Mountain”, Pippi Longstocking, The Little People, A wrinkle in Time (the old childrens stories), and romance-historical mostly. I always have loved romance with a bit of meat to it–suspense, thriller and historical. I’m venturing into YA. I never really liked Chick-lit; but I love memoirs and have gone to Grand Central Station for the time capsule opening to read what the New Year’s Eve celebrators wrote in 1900 for the year 2000. I love biographies. I have memoir I am not yet ready to write. Hope to meet you soon. I’m unsure of how to use Twitter and Facebook as they take up a lot of time-and my internet connection is sometimes slow. I’m working on a new project. I need deadlines with only so many pages per period. In otherwords, keep accountable, participate, and send only enough tha each crit partner can write and crit!