Re: Introduce Yourself



Hi, all,
My nickname is Dee. Too many people mispronounce my name when they see it in print. I’ll turn 62 in December, so I have a bit of life experience under my belt.
I was a successful court reporting firm owner until an injury permanently sidelined me. I can’t even lift my machine now, much less use it. Color me heartbroken. I left the field completely, not enough residual income to make it worth my while.
One day my first story presented itself in an answer to (an angry) prayer. My genre, I discovered, is cozy mysteries. Even my protagonist is a little old lady, just like in Agatha Cristie and Murder She Wrote. What can I say?
She’s healthier than I but the first story introduces her as recovering from the same injuries and surgeries I’ve dealt with, right down to the exact same broken vertebrae in our spines. Write what you know and all that.
Let’s see…
I’m a grandma x4 and a great grandma x3 and counting. Love my family intensely.
Married, still living with a man who’s survived 7 heart attacks. He won’t slow down, loves going with his hair on fire. I hope writing will be my refuge and not something I avoid when the Dark Angel finally visits him.
I’m new at this craft but very willing to learn. Sometimes, between age and medication, it takes a while for things to sink in and be reflected in my work but I keep at it. Persistence pays, I understand. That means those who choose to help me might want to practice a bit of patience and be willing to repeat themselves a time or ten.
I know the digital age has arrived, but I’m still hoping that, when the ms is ready, I’ll get picked up by an agent who I can work well with and get that puppy sold. I know the odds are against it with the first book you write. I’m still hoping; after all, I’m told I’m an optimist.
I’ve learned about critiquing by getting my own and trying to crit others. I’ve a lot more to learn but what I do know I know completely. I think. I hope. Oh, you get the idea.
Court reporters must take advanced courses in legal terminology, medical terminology, grammar, punctuation, and more. That’s reflected in a lot of punctuation suggestions in my crits. I’m working on backing off a bit. Oftentimes I’m asked to keep making those recommendations. It’s amazing that WRITERS sometimes falter on simple things. Good to know we’re all made of the same clay.
I can’t think of anything else to say about me. Don’t have a clue what will go in my bio eventually. I can learn about that here when it’s close to the time I need it. Please, if you have any questions about me, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m a pretty open book, pardon the pun.