Re: Introduce Yourself


Jean Lauzier

As to Twitter….

It’s one of those social networking things. :–) Seriously though…I’m on Twitter and while I don’t “tweet” a lot, I do follow agents, editors and other writers (along with a few other non-writerly types).

The reason I’m really there is getting to know others. For example, I was following an agent and after about a week of reading her tweets, I knew she and I would never work well together. Too many personal differences. Then, there are other agents I’d love to work with and following them gives me an insight into what they are looking for, how they want to see it and what drives them crazy.

Agent Donald Maass posts writing tips each week we can use to make our writing better…

Editors often post about things they see that writers should or shouldn’t do…or grammar tips.

Authors often promote their books, blogs and such. I’ve gotten several free e-books that way. Plus, they share some really great links.

I following several publishers too. I’m learning what they want to see, how they work with their authors and such.

Now, Twitter can be a time suck. And honestly, I don’t keep up with everyone I follow. I scan the tweets, pick and choose who to read and who to ignore. I really do like Twitter for the most part.

Ever so often, you’ll get someone who has to let the world know when they need the bathroom or what they had for lunch or uses lots of “f” bombs. Those folks you can just unfollow and not have to deal with.

I know this is long but hope it helps.