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Hello everyone! My name is Amanda. I just currently start pursuing an idea I’ve had in my head for a couple of months now. I just had my son almost 6 months ago, so I haven’t had time to write. But my husband and I have made a little agreement.

I am working on the first of what I hope may become a trilogy, if not at least two books in the series. I’m still working out things in it and I’m about to start the outlining process.

I’m not very good at explaining what my novels are about, but here goes a small little summary.

It’s about a eighteen-year-old girl named Willow who lives with her mother in a small beach town. She’s grown up thinking that her father was lost at sea, but later on in the story she finds out that wasn’t entirely true. Her father is the King of the mer-people and she is half-mermaid.

When she starts developing her powers, her mother finally realizes it’s time to tell her the truth so she can make the decision of whether she wants to ignore the ceremony to become a full-mermaid before her nineteenth birthday and lose her powers, or to pursue her destiny to become a full-mermaid and join the long line of royalty in her dad’s family.

She meets a boy who recently moved to her town and starts falling for him, but she doesn’t know he was ordered by his pack’s alpha to get to know her, though he doesn’t know what she is. All he was told was to get to know her, that she was of great importance to his pack.

That’s all I’m going to say about it right now. =)

I’m looking for a tight-knit, fun group or just one critique partner or two to be able to push each other to write and to give each other honest opinions.

I want someone I can send email with back in forth a week with new chapters we have or just emails throwing out frustrations with our stories and hopefully help each other get through it.

I want someone who can help motivate me to continue even through the hardest times.