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Hi All,

My name is Tonya and I’m an American (originally from central Florida but I consider my hometown Philadelphia now since that’s where my husband and I own a house…) living in Brussels Belgium. Which means that I have literally no opportunities for an English speaking writing group–especially young adult! I’m quite excited to be here 🙂

I have been writing seriously for a year and a half now, and I have two manuscripts under my belt. Contemporary is where my heart is–its what I read and what I write–and I would love to find some like-minded critique partners amongst the sea of paranormal-loving folk. I’m also one of those daring (or ignorant, perhaps?) writers who is breaking the cardinal rule and writing stories with main characters in college. Shocking, I know. Because this sub-genre is just still so taboo in the publishing world, querying hasn’t been going as great as I would like it and instead of subjecting myself to months (and possibly years) of frustration and heartbreak, I’m giving very serious considering to self-publishing one of my manuscripts and seeing how that route goes.

I would love to find a serious beta reader who is willing to tackle my first manuscript. Its about 70,ooo words and tells the story of a seventeen year old girl embarking on her first year of college. She joins a sorority, gets a great boyfriend, loses said boyfriend, and takes full advantage of her newfound independence. I find my writing very influenced by Sara Zarr, John Green, and Laurie Halse Anderson, if that helps at all. I would be more than willing to swap manuscripts with someone who has a polished copy that needs a critical eye.