Re: Introduce Yourself




It was so great to find this group. I have not been able to locate one which meets close to me. I think I would prefer the on-line any way as there are no time constraints.

I have dabbled a little bit in writing over the years but am able to put more time into it now after retiring. I love to read–have all my life. Right now I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and checking out True Blood from the library. I also am beginning to read Game of Thrones series.

I started what I thought would be a picture book last year but was advised to make it into a chapter book. After many revisions I would love to have some advice and feedback. I am working on a couple of picture books as well. We held a reading event at the school where I worked last. If the kids met their goal then I would dress up as Hannah Montana for the day. They selected this as the prize…they met the goal!!

I have enjoyed helping kids love reading and now want to continue in the writing format!

Since I have lots of time on my hands–although for a retired person, my calendar is full–I would love to trade advice with anyone!