Re: Introduce Yourself



Hello all!

I’m exciting to find another avenue (this site) to share and improve my writing. I just spent 30 minutes working on my profile here, so feel free to go and check me out. I am an eclectic writer; I mostly love writing PBs and early chapter books, but I wrote a MG manuscript and was thrilled with that until I discovered that a guide dog would NEVER be given to a 12 year old, so now I will have to rewrite the whole thing as a YA. Yikes, I don’t know if I know enough words to write YA! Some of my MCs are visually impaired because I am and you know the old adage…write what you know! I look forward to working with any of you. I’m a fairly strong editor (I helped a self-published author with a 6 bk series edit the 2nd through 6th book), and am willing to discuss story flow, plot points, or line-edit. I am supportive and encouraging but I am a totally honest critiquer and will say what I think is not working. I appreciate that kind of critique in return. All the best to you in writing and never give up! Gail