Re: Introduce Yourself



I enjoyed reading the introductions. Wow, where to start?

I’ve been running a daycare in my home for 17 years. I have two grown children and I’m ready to take my writing seriously! Ha!

I’ve taken the course at the Institude of Children’s Literature and considering taking the advanced one next spring. I got good comments from my instructor so I feel encouraged to continue writing.

I just finished reading “Pride And Prejudice” by Jane Austen. A good read but took a few chapters to adjust to the language from that time era. I also read “The Witch of Blackbird Pond”, by Elizabeth George Speare during summer vacation. I will read any book that has won the Newbery Medal. They are guarantee hits!

Back to my writings…I like to write for the preK age. I get lots of inspiration from my kids from daycare. Currently working on a series for children in situations in daycare (Duh, obviously. Write what you know about, eh?) Besides that, my other stories aim towards picture books.

Looking forward to sharing my stories with other children authors and reading some, too. Looking for someone who will also gently nudge me now and then to remind me to write and make it a priority.

P.S. What’s a PB?