Re: Introduce Yourself



Hi Everyone!
My name is Andrea, and I’m currently working on an Urban Fantasy, set slightly in the future, about 25 years after legions of demons were set loose on the earth.
It’s my 3 1/2th novel (the 1/2 comes from a sequel I started writing after my first novel was completed. That was before I realized: 1- It’s not always wise to write a sequel to a novel that may drastically change based on publisher’s edits 2- my first novel was too terrible to publish.)
I also have a completed ms (maybe UF, maybe PNR) that’s resting and waiting for edits.
I’ve always been interested in writing, but my corporate, soul-sucking, 60 hour a week, phone calls at 3a.m. career killed any chance at creativity. Now I stay at home with a beautiful little girl, and I write!
Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!