Re: Introduce Yourself



I’m Sue Ann Bowling and I have two books published with iUniverse, Homecoming and Tourist Trap. Homecoming has a number of good reviews and won one award. Tourist Trap, the sequel, is just out. I write in a universe in which humans are the result of hybridization with an alien species, the R’il’nai, about 125,000 years ago, and my Friday blogs ( ) are currently bits from the (fictional) journal of the alien who was responsible for the whole thing.
The two novels are set in the very recent past, but not on Earth, and are more concerned with people and societies than with technology. I’m looking for a critique partner on a trilogy set in our own time. This is a true trilogy in that each book ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger leading into the next book, a la Lord of the Rings.
Basic plot of the whole thing: the nasty half-brother of the de facto (and unwilling) leader (his early life is the subject of the published books) of a Confederation of Planets starts a war that it’s up to the leader to stop. In the process he is kidnapped by his half brother (end of book 1) rescued by a group on the planet being warred on (book 2), and has to deal with a conspiracy among members of his own council as well as rescuing his new wife and child.) I decided to do the whole thing in draft form before I started serious revision, and have only an epilog still to write.