Re: Introduce Yourself



Hello, I’m NeeCee.

I’m writing adult fantasy/horror at the moment, and to be honest will be for a while. The project that I’m focusing on at the moment is the first book of what I hope to expand into a trilogy. I invest a lot into the story building of my novels. I’ve poured my heart and soul into what I’m currently working on, I think it’s the first thing I’ve written that may just be worth publishing… so I decided to do it right, and joined this site to keep me on track.

I take my writing very seriously, it’s very much something that I hope to turn into a career someday. So I try to write regularly (least I forget how), and muddle through the days I’d really rather not.

I’ve had an eye out for a critique group in the city where I live, but no luck; I’m not quite experienced to go about setting up my own just yet. So an online version was my next choice, and from the look of things so far I think I’ve lucked out…

I’m hoping to find a long term critique partner here, and am more than willing to return the favour! And of course to pick some brains … if I like what I find maybe some friends too 🙂

NeeCee xoxo