Re: Looking for a CP for my women’s fiction novel




I am interested in becoming a CP, although you will be my first other than a local man who has swapped his WIP with me over the last year. Many moons ago, I was an Elem major with an English minor; I consider language arts to be my strength. (used to critique my friend’s letters in red ink. LOL.) I’m much older now and have begun writing my first novel, which is also from a male POV.

I like character driven stories with strong plots that keep the story moving. And I love a good romance. If you’d like to swap manuscripts, I’d enjoy the opportunity. I tend to be less schedule oriented but can and will complete something by deadline if you give me one. Also, if you might give me specifics about the aspects of your story that you want critiqued that would be helpful. I can be as “tough” or as “loose” as you’d like in my critiques. Not “tough” as in rude but I can tell you what works for me and what doesn’t. I’d hope for the same.

Right now, I have no other critique partners so I am available to devote my time to your WIP. Please email me at That’s the quickest way to get a reply.