Re: Looking for a CP for my women’s fiction novel



Hi Jade,

Your MS sounds intriguing. It’s interesting to me that you wrote it from a male pov also. I’ve attempted writing from a male pov and found its really not easy to do (esp since I come from a family of all girls and have 3 daughters). I also write WF and enjoy reading WF as well as mysteries and thrillers. I have a handful of years of critique experience and would be interested in being a CP for “Blind Accidents”. Unfortunately, my writing computer is down and I can’t get to my manuscript (except for two old chapters on my thumb drive). So until I figure out what’s wrong with my computer, I have nothing for you to critique in return. If you’re interested, I give complete critiques that cover everything but please let me know if there are any specific areas you’d like me to pay special attention to (like plot holes, characterization, etc). It would also help to know how long the MS is and what kind of turn around you’re looking for. You can contact me via reply here or via my personal email @