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Hi Amanda and Rebecca, I too am interested in swapping chapters for critiques. My WIP is currently at 84k words and I have been shoveling through lots of revisions. I am now going page by page to revise and am maybe halfway through. Please contact me via email at writez4you@yahoo.com as I would love to hear from both of you. Here is the synopsis:

Moira has felt death’s cold fingers twice, but a third time nearly kills her and sets into motion a soul searching adventure of a lifetime.

Moira is rescued from Earth by Airi and Belamar, the angelic looking heirs to the throne of Skyfall, a world hidden in the farthest reaches of the universe, a paradise created by their Immortal Gods…that has fallen into ruin during a brutal war in their mysterious absence.

Broken, scarred, and haunted by a painful past, Moira must learn to trust the twins, to reach for the one thing that had always been brutally torn from her and crushed…happiness. They are told of a journal left by the twins’ deceased mother, Tanari, that tells of a prophecy that must be fulfilled to return THE UNKNOWN SUN so that Skyfall can be saved.

Deeper, darker secrets unravel around the three friends as a revolution unfolds that threatens to destroy Skyfall once and for all. Tanari knew more than she had let on and within her journal truths are exposed, a far reaching plan is unveiled, and even darker questions remain unanswered for the three friends.

Tanari was not a Skylander, but one of THE UNKNOWN SUN, an Immortal God, and her powerful gifts have been given to Moira so that she alone could free the Elder Immortals and save Skyfall. But who was behind the wars? And why did Tanari reach across time and space to entrust a simple mortal human girl with saving Skyfall? What did this all mean for the twin heirs as half God, half Skylander?

What Moira and the twins discover test not only her soul, but her life, as Moira relives every violent moment of the tragedies that killed her family. Only Belamar’s love and Airi’s loyalty save Moira and together the three fulfill Tanari’s prophecy and become who they are meant to be.