Re: No more DRM



I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “Digital Rights Management is gone.” DRM will exist as long as companies include it on their products. Has a publisher stopped putting DRM on their eBooks?

In any case, I believe writers should always opt out of DRM when they publish to KDP, PubIt!, etc. It doesn’t deter piracy. Anyone with a mind to it can easily figure out how to take out the code that prevents them from sharing the file.

What it DOES do is hurt legitimate readers. People who have bought your book and want to transfer it to different devices, or who want to see the clean text without the crazy formatting issues introduced by overzealous anti-piracy measures (Kobo had a bad rep for this, but I hope they’re better now). I believe people should be able to share their books with their friends for as long as they want; not just one week before a company in Washington yanks it back.

Personally, I don’t care much if people “steal” my books and put them up for free, as long as they aren’t earning money from it, because the small handful of kids with the savvy to find and download it wouldn’t have bought it anyway. First of all, they probably would never have heard of it. And secondly, if they couldn’t get it for free, they’d just listen to ripped music or watch pirated superhero movies instead.

But even if it does bother you, DRM isn’t the answer. The best thing to do is just be vigilant about tracking where your books pop up online, and then send strongly worded notices to the hosts of sites that are posting it illegally. Believe me, they’ll take it down, and probably ban the user who uploaded it for good measure. No one wants to be sued.