Re: Setting the Scene



Well, several critters have told me it’s one of my strong suits, but maybe they were just being nice. 🙂

I think the biggest thing is getting fully immersed in your character’s head – seeing and feeling everything through their eyes, then narrowing it down to the things that set the scene. Things that give texture and draw emotion. So, if my character was taking a stroll through my neighborhood right now, they probably wouldn’t notice each individual tree, but they might take note of the way they form a canopy over the street. Or the way the fading sun filters through the leaves. Or the irritating drone of the cicadas. Or the whisper of the breeze on their skin.

If my character is walking through a not-so-great neighborhood, maybe it’s the flickering of a faulty streetlamp, the stink of rotting garbage, the rainbow spiral of spilled antifreeze in a stagnant puddle.

Whenever possible, I try to work them into the action, rather than just giving a paragraph-long static description. So my MC has to shield her eyes from the dying sun, or she steps in the stagnant, rainbow swirly puddle.

Hopefully that’s helpful to someone….even if those critters were just being nice.