Re: Tell me about your blog



Now that I’ve posted about my travel blog, it’s about time I also posted about my new writing blog, The Great Big Jump.

Here’s the purpose of the blog, from one of my earlier entries:

“For one thing, there will be more entries about my fiction writing, especially the characters and stories that have populated my last three NaNoWriMo novels and the ensuing journey to have at least one of those manuscripts fully critiqued and published before I graduate. You might also get a few insights on my life as a graduate student, where I wear down pair after pair of flats as I undertake field work and parse through education statistics. (Unfortunately, you won’t be reading much about my actual research, for highly ethical reasons… but, hey, more shoes!)”

I’m starting this week with a series of posts about my Works-in-Progress from past NaNos, which I’m either trying to edit or re-format. Here’s the first post of the week:

#EDITED to add two more entries for this week.

Here’s the novel that I plan to turn into a screenplay…

…and the manuscript that I’m currently gutting out to pave the way for the better novel lurking underneath.