Re: Welcome and introduce yourselves



I’ve always had stories in my head but it wasn’t until I was in my late 30s that I got enough confidence to start writing. I’ve been writing a novel for some years now, taking time off to care for parents and moving, and am looking to get back to it. My novel is about an outcast girl/woman with big dreams and big troubles in a small MO town told in 3rd limited pov that incorporates several genres (YA, Romance, Thriller) and is written in a somewhat unconventional format. I’ve changed its format a couple of times and now, it seems I keep adding chapters and can’t ever seem to get to rewriting the middle. I’m looking for an honest critique but also guidance. I have several years of critique experience and am interested in exchanging critiques. Like a couple of others, I’m new to the site and slowly learning my way around: )