Re: What are you currently working on?



Kristen, Vernieda, and Miranda: thank you SO much. I just finished a total rewrite of the book. I still need to revise and get some beta feedback, but to keep myself occupied I am drafting the query letter.

Which turns out is bad for your book self esteem. 🙁 I looked at my query and said, “Hmm, exorcist. Summoner trying to summon a demon, dark family secret…not exactly untrodden ground here. Noooooooooo! My book sounds like a big cliche fest!”

So you guys are making me feel LOADS better.

Miranda: NYC is a great place for a monster book! All those abandoned tunnels….:D

Kristen: I love how you’re making the fantasy races sort of urban. That’s my favorite part of urban fantasy and why I keep coming back to it. Plus, you had me at angel. 😀 The summoner in my book is a fallen angel. I am sucker for angel, fallen or otherwise.

Vernieda: I LOVE supernatural folklore! I really love mythology in general, and I am always reading about various cultures and their mythology. That sounds really interesting!