Re: What are you currently working on?



Holy crap everyone’s stories sound awesome!

Chiaki: You know, I am of the mindset of getting help in the middle of rewriting as well. Like, if you wanted to beta read for me, I can help you brainstorming or read parts of your book and give suggestions. I think there’s more than one way to be a critique partner aside from just reading an entire novel. Of course, you could also read it just to read too. I won’t make you work for it. 😉 Of course, I have to get through revision first.

Shakespeare: I like how you’re putting a bunch of stuff together. I also like the sound of the Little Mermaid meets Amistad. 😀

Shallee: Ooooo I like that idea! Memories being stolen? Sounds awesome!

Xaenyth: Also sounds awesome. I LOVE playing around with soul and death magic in my books. I like the idea of the soul being missing.

I am soooooooo happy to have some interest in beta readers! It’s going to help me get through this revision, knowing I’ve got some people interested in reading it. You guys are awesome! 😀