Re: What are you currently working on?



I’m desperately trying to not fall into the tropes of science fiction but you know some of them can’t be avoided.

Any way – as part of a writing excercise I started with a synopsis rather than the actual story. I can’t fly by the seat of my pants, I get no where. However my one paragraph synopsis is now four pages.

The one line pitch I have for it is:

“A disgruntled veteran is pulled back into a war he thought he had already won.”

It’s not set in the future but rather “a” future, somewhere. It isn’t a good vs bad but rather a very elaborate game of space chess.

I have only a few people around that will help me with it. My partner – a scifi fanboy who can’t say a bad thing about me (God bless him) and a really close friend who is more YA and Romance so when I need help on the quirks of scifi I get a bit road blocked.