Re: What are you currently working on?



You asked for it lol.

Drake’s Story: Drake is just another college kid who has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. He is quiet and a bit of a loner. He saw something on the news regarding shifters “coming out of the closet” in front of their friends (including one caught on video). A few days later, the president comes on and says that shifters won’t be treated any differently than humans, because they have lived together peacefully to this point anyway. Later on, Drake finds out about a blood drive (now accepting shifters) and he goes to check it out. A whole vial of blood is taken to test from a shifter rather than the prick on a finger from a human. He gets suspicious about it. A news article catches his eye while he’s checking his email about a trial drug called The X Factor, which is a shot to give humans the abilities that shifters have. He goes running to clear his head and runs into a blind white wolf (Jax). He journals every encounter he has with The X Factor, including an elderly woman (Susan) who took the drug so that she would outlive even her great grandchildren. A couple weeks later, she was dying in her bed in excruciating pain, begging for Drake and Jax to kill her. It doesn’t start off as a very popular drug but gets more popular over a period of about five years before the government finally orders the stop on it. The government finds out about hundreds of people dying from this drug and about severe birth defects from babies born with drugged mothers (yes, they took the drug while pregnant). Scientists and police officers went around, capturing all of the living Factored shifters and those that stood in defense (including children affected by the drug). They also killed those that begged to be killed. Other Factored shifters were missing, and Drake feels that they either couldn’t shift back, died while in shifted form (like killed by a bear), or both. Drake quit school and took off to basically become his own journalist regarding The X Factor. It became dealt like drugs by Scientists on the streets. The Factored shifters and some full blooded shifters were taken to a lab to become lab-rats by Scientists who were greedy and wanted their drug to work. Human subjects were given the drug as infants, and most of them died in just a short time. Some shifters began disappearing as the greed overtook underground Scientists, and they began kidnapping more full bloods. [That’s all I have come up with so far. I’m the type of writer that lets the pencil hit the paper without an outline, and the outline comes to me over time.]

Gwedian’s Story: Her father is a full blood, and her mother took the drug when she was six months pregnant and survived. Gwedian was born able to shift but not able to fully shift back (think anime/furry here). She was hidden by her father as both parents were taken when she was five, and has been on the run ever since. As she is running at night from a group of men (out to get her to give to the Scientists, who have basically taken over under the President’s radar), she runs into Malachi—an immortal techno mage—who hides her from them. He takes care of her as she’s growing up, though he soon learns she is a very independent little kitty. [That’s all I have for this one, since my husband is cowriting this with me for Malachi’s POV]

One of the test subjects may appear for The Agency to deal with later on. Actually, I find it kind of ironic that the characters I have been building on for so long aren’t actually in The Agency’s crew.