Re: What are you currently working on?



I’ve got one WIP and 6 WIW (Works in Waiting – things I’ve planned but am not currently writing words for).

My WIP was originally titled The Morgan Affair, as I was planning on trying to write a private eye based mystery but that didn’t happen. I still call the ms that ‘cuz I don’t feel like going back and changing everything right now. šŸ™‚ This is the first book of a potential trilogy, but it could stand alone. The tentative new title is Reincarnated. It goes with Ravenous (about vampires – based on what the Ancient Egyptians thought of vampires) and Restless (about ghosts). (These two books are WIW’s 1 and 2.)

The Morgan Affair is about Alexandria Morgan, a paralegal who discovers she’s the reincarnation of an Ancient Egyptian priestess with a lion sidekick. During the book, she learns more about who she really is and the fact she’s the key player in a 5000+ year old war. That war becomes uncomfortably real when the bad guys start going after her friends in an effort to stop her.

Three of the other WIW’s are part of The Clockwork Portal trilogy. Secondary world fantasy all the way.

The last WIW has a working name of The Gate of Amduat. Secondary world fantasy with gates to different dimensions. The world the story is set in was practically destroyed by invaders centuries ago. Someone is trying to bring back the leader of the invaders by opening the Gate of Amduat – which leads to the underworld.