Re: What are you currently working on?


Rima Gokani

I’m currently editing a true life novel about two people from different backgrounds and how circumstances through them together. She has an abusive husband, he lost his wife in July 7th. She’s lost her memory when they meet and he is still grieving over his wife. But slowly the two become closer that is until her husband turns up. It’s quiet heart felt and real world not so much fantasy, though I love reading fantasy and have critiqued quite a few. My second book which I’m plotting out is based on a group of factory workers (girls) who develop superpowers. It’s set just after world war 2 and everyone is inhaling a drug to suppress their emotions to prevent another world war apart from these girls with superpowers. They try to get to the root of where this drug is coming from. When they finally meet the creator they are left to make a decision destroy the drug or save their families. This causes a split between the girls as some have more at stake. However when the creators right hand man goes off the rails and try’s to take brutal control himself the creator is forced to turn to the girls and together they work to destroy what’s got out of hand. That’s the bare crux at the moment.