Re: What Are You Tired of Seeing?


I’m a little tired of Fae, except for when I read the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire. I think I’m so cyclical with my monster/creature kicks that I probably never really get sick of them, just move on to my next phase (currently demons) until I wear myself out and circle back to something else.

I am definitely sick of the Bitchy Chick Syndrome, like you ladies have mentioned. I enjoy a good verbal smack down as much as the next lady, but I’ve read a few UF books lately where I just wanted the heroine to shut her mouth and do her job. Also whining. Good grief, I hate whining.

Last but not least, while I am tired of seeing covers with chicks in low-cut halter tops, no head, and unique/symbolic tattoos, I’m even more tired of covers featuring man boob.