Re: What Are You Tired of Seeing?



Well, something I’m tired of seeing in YA sci-fi/fantasy is situations where you know WAY AHEAD OF TIME that the two protagonists (or a protagonist and a supporting character) are going to end up kissing and/or in love, no matter how much they may detest each other right off the bat). I know, I know, people like romance and everything, but I just get tired of it because it’s a boring and predictable scenario. I loved BEHEMOTH (the second book in Scott Westerfeld’s LEVIATHAN series) because it totally faked me out in this regard, and I was so happy to see someone break the cliché, even though it was only temporary.

Anyhow, the point is that I’d love to see more people write YA fantasy/sci-fi stories where NOBODY FALLS IN LOVE, or at least where it’s not possible to predict right from the get-go which people are going to be paired up. Not sure how popular such books would be with the masses, but I would love them. 🙂