Re: What Are You Tired of Seeing?



I agree. Vampires have been done a lot. I still love them, but I want something new and interesting. Jim Butcher in the Dresden Files does cool stuff with the vampire courts I think.

I hopefully have done something interesting with my vampires by making them not dead. 😀 But even if not, they aren’t the main mythological creatures in my stories, more like background noise, so it’s no biggie if they are.

Faeries might give me a run for my money though. I haven’t read a lot of books with faeries in them because they didn’t really appeal to me. Maybe you could give me a quick “this is been DONE” run down regarding faeries, Xeanyth?(and anyone else).

My shapeshifters don’t do furry forms either. I just can’t picture it in my work. 😀 So instead they simply change into a wolf, or tiger, or whatever. They are smarter, and they are aware of themselves, but they look just like regular versions of their animal. Maybe a bit bigger sometimes. Maybe a weird eye color sometimes. But they look like animals.

What’s been done to death for me is urban fantasy chicks who are bitchy. I don’t mind strong females with issues, but it feels like a lot of them are cranky loners that bite everyone’s heads off and yet somehow still have friends. I love, love, love urban fantasy but I think the magical detective thing needs to be retired for a little while. You can still write UF and not have your main character be a detective that solves crimes with magic.

Not that I don’t think it’s possible for someone to come up with something new and interesting. I am currently writing an UF with a cranky female hero (but she’s not JUST cranky) and she works at a magical odds and ends agency. So I am sort of breaking my own rules, but hopefully I am also bringing something new to the table as well. 😀