Re: What Are You Tired of Seeing?



Ummm…covers with tattooed half-naked man torsos on them. Or….covers with tattooed half-naked woman torsos on them.

Oh, you meant in the actual books. 🙂

Shifters (*ducks behind the computer*). Vampires. Heroines who are snark and b####y to everyone for no particular reason. Any plot that revolves around there being a ‘Chosen One’. It just destroys my suspension of disbelief every time. The bad guys would all just group together and kill said ‘Chosen One’ and problem solved. But I digress…..

And I am so with you on the good vs evil thing, Barbara.

ETA: I started my response and walked away for a minute before I finished and posted. Cheers, Elizabeth! Glad to see I’m not the only one tired of bitchy-for-no-reason heroines!!