Re: What Are You Tired of Seeing?



Ann: Yay! I am not the only one sick of b**ty for no reason heroines! I like a good anti-hero any day of the week, but I need to feel like there’s a reason, and I need to see consequences. If she mouths off to the Great High Poobah Vampire Lord King Regent, I want to see some serious backlash, not the Vampire Lord King Regent laughing at her spunk. I want to see her friends ditch her because she’s constantly mouthing off to them. 😀

And Ann, maybe you could PM me and elaborate on what exactly you don’t like about Chosen Ones. Because in my current WIP I have one, and I would like to make this interesting and new. So it would be helpful to figure out what traps to avoid. The book is about fate vs. free will, so she’s not a traditional Chosen One, but it’s close enough that I want to sidestep the cliche.