Re: What is your chick lit book about?



I started my Chick Lit work-in-progress as part of Camp NaNoWriMo (a spin-off of National Novel Writing Month) in July of this year. Here’s the synopsis I wrote for my novel:

“Many women would kill for one night with critically acclaimed A-list actor Ethan Trent. Unfortunately for Claire Packard, she got him for a whole month.

All Claire wanted was some time off with family in LA after burning out as an investment banker… but a series of disastrous events has led her to take the role of Ethan Trent’s date for the Oscars. Not content with playing mere eye and arm candy to a very eligible bachelor, Claire must contend with stylists, agents, exes – and even Ethan’s own mother – to embrace her inner Hollywood bombshell while still staying true to her own self.

Eventually Claire lets down her guard… especially around Ethan, who turns out to be way different from the intense persona he plays in public. She is his date, after all, and they must get to know each other well before they face the cameras on the red carpet. Soon they find themselves growing closer to each other, but the question still remains: Will things ever really be the same between them, once the award season ends?”