Re: What is your chick lit book about?



I’m a native Dallasite who’s lived in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and travelled all over the country — I currently live near Austin.

My story KITTY’S TALE is set in Dallas — Kitty is a HS counselor whose carefully scructured personal life is reduced to a state of chaotica by: Tori, a grown daughter Kitty gave up for adoption in infancy; Kitty’s first and only love (and Tori’s unknowing father), Pete; a family that includes a mother (who opens her home to her grandchildren, ex-husband and former daughter-in-law), a gay brother, a drug addicted sister, and Dani, Kitty’s 16-year-old niece that she loves like a daughter.

I’m interested in people and relationships — what makes them tick, warts and all. I especially like writing realistic dialogue, because it’s one time I can play with the response until it’s exactly what I want said — not, “What I should have said…”