Re: What is your chick lit book about?



I agree about the major cities. For my book, it feels like I wrote down a list of rules and broke all of them! 🙂

First person? Nope, I wrote mine in third, limited.
Female protagonist? Nope, male main character.
NYC, London, or LA? Nope, Washington, DC
Everyone works out in the end? Yes, but not for who you think!

My debut novel CANCELLED is about a robotics engineer engaged to his business partner who has a previous one-night stand return his shirt. Pregnant. And it’s his.

I had so much fun writing the light-hearted scenes that are typical for chicklits (and a big reason I love reading them) with the underlying drama still there. But I had to really challenge myself to make it believable from a guy’s POV. So instead of a “female bonding” scene, there’s the male bonding scene of testing out their new robot, with smoke machines, music, lab coats, oh, and a call to the paramedics! 🙂

For my second novel, SERVED, it’s even more of a challenge, because there’s a history for these characters I have to honor.