Re: What is your writing routine?


Kenra Daniels

I write just about any time, any where. I don’t have a day job, so I can usually write whenever. Early morning and late nights are best for me, when everyone’s in bed, so there are no interruptions.

I take my laptop along whenever I go anywhere, and write while hubby or daughter drives – I don’t drive anymore because of heavy narcotics and other meds with serious side effects on perception and reflex.

I also write in doc waiting rooms, whenever I have to wait for something more than five mins. When my daughter was in labor with the oldest and youngest grandsons, I wrote in the L/D suite with her. No time with the middle one, he came 9 mins after we hit the front doors of the hospital, lol.

Weekends I usually don’t write quite as much, spending more time with family, and taking care of book reviews and blog posts, etc.