Re: What was your latest blogpost? Post it here!



Not exactly a blog entry, but wanted to share this anyway.

Recently I started putting together a “mood board” for my story on Pinterest ( which got me back into the habit of compiling visual references for my story. I picked up the Pinterest hint from one of the Camp NaNoWriMo boards; apparently a lot of writers do use the site to put together graphic pegs of certain ideas for their stories.

Before Pinterest, I used to put my character boards together on Polyvore (, which operates in the same way as Pinterest: go to the site, pick out a few graphics that appeal to you, put together on a collage. I’ve found Polyvore to be a lot more work-intensive, though, since it still requires a little more know-how on graphics and proper layout.

Here’s my current board on Pinterest:

And an old Polyvore set that I once put together, for a YA story/screenplay that never got past the outline stage: