Re: What’s your style?



I don’t plan. Just come up with a character, a simple plot (ie, twelve year old boy gets zapped to another universe) then start writing. Eventually, my plot grows so much it looks noting like the origional. I had to write a short story once for a contest which was expected to be two pages long. Then it turned into a brief novella, then a one-hundred page book, then 250 pages, then 450…and now I’ve created a sequel for it. Hooray for no planning XD

Don’t get me wrong, I get stuck plenty of times along the way. but it’s not because I don’t know where I’m going with the plot. I usually have an idea as to what I want by chapter three. The reasons I get stuck usually have to do with writer’s block, writer’s doubt, my tendancy to procrastinate, and how much I dislike a scene.

I’m terrible at action scenes lol.