Re: What’s your style?



For me, I start out as a panster. I have a general idea or theme for a story and then start to think about whose story it would be. I let the idea stew for a little while and think about who the characters are and as I’m doing that, scenes start to pop into my head and I get a loose idea of a plot. Then I start writing and see where these people take me. A lot of times I’m surprised by what they say and do and it turns a scene on its head. And i say “No! I didn’t want to go there!” But characters with depth of personality should take you where they need to go.

I feel like if i outline or plan too much, it looses it’s spontaneity. The outline, to me, is like the story is already written and I don’t want to write it anymore. That said, as long as I have a goal scene to get to, how I get there is the mystery.