Re: What’s your style?



I usually get an idea first, then I sit down and try to figure out how many months my story covers so I can make a calendar for each month. Next, I create my characters (complete with photo references) and I try and figure out what happens on what day. After that, I make a playlist (because I can’t do anything productive without music in my ears). Ocassionally, after I finish a draft, I can listen to a song and associate what scene it goes with only becuase I listen to it on repeat for hours while writing the scene. After that, I take a deep breath and jump into my world.I used to only do first drafts by hand, but I forced myself to write my last one on my laptop because I type faster than I physically write. I’m trying to use the three-act structure to plot my most recent idea because my drafts tend to be “plot-less”. I wrote one 500 pg book and one 400 page book and neither had a plot. Talk about a headache. 🙂