Re: What’s your style?


Kenra Daniels

I use a pretty extensive outline. I tried seat-of-the- pants writing when I decided to aim for publication. It took me well over a year to complete my first draft, and it needed massive revision. I used a loose outline to start the next one, and kept refining it until I had something that worked. the first draft took about 4 months, and it needed much less revision. Both are currently shelved, waiting for me to have time to revise them once more.

For the next, I used a pretty extensive outline, tweaking as I went. First draft took 6 weeks, and it needed minor revisions. I’m now working on the first draft of #4, and it’s coming along quickly.

So, I’m far more productive with a detailed outline. I know everything about my characters before I start writing. As I’m writing, if the story needs to go a different direction from what I’m writing, I just rewrite my detailed scene list from that point forward.