Re: Where is everyone from? critique experience?



Hello, I’m Yawatta, and I live in good ole West Virginia. It’s more city than country==only 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Washington DC.

I have experience in critiquing at Absolute Write Forums under Share Your Work (horror, mystery, and women fiction sections). I currently have a male critique partner to get a guy’s perspective on my romance drama while he hears my suggestions on his murder mystery. Also joined a critique group online recently where I’ve been participating often. People on there are mostly fantasy genre, so me and another lady are the oddballs out LOL.

I have experience with critiquing different genres. I usually give a broad detail of what I thought–acting more as a reader instead of a writer helping another writer out. But, my crit partner asked me to do line-by-line which I have no problem with getting more specific.

Keep smiling,