Re: Where is everyone from? critique experience?


Kenra Daniels

I’m from a little bitty town – we have *one* stop light – in rural northeastern Kentucky. It’s also the biggest town in the county, which is the 3rd largest county in the state in terms of square miles. Hubby is retired from the Army, so we’ve traveled and lived lots of places.

I’ve done quite a bit of critiquing. My regular CP and I have worked together nearly two years, but we both need fresh eyes on our work. I’ve also had a couple other short-term CPs. I’m a founding member of Penguin’s BookCountry writing community (under a different name, unfortunately) and critting other members’ work is a central focus there. That started back in the spring, so I’ve done quite a bit of critting there.

I’m most interested in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I’ve critted work in most genres at one time or another.