Re: Your Critiquing Style and Experience



Wow, I’m really impressed with this thread! Everyone here is saying things that I really, really agree with – AND that I have been desperate to find in a critique partner.

I really should be writing right now, but let me take a moment to point out the great points that you guys have been making!

-I’m more macro than mini. The mini stuff is important too, but a writer doing a line edit will eventually find out that they spelled that word wrong, but probably not that the readers don’t understand a character’s motivation.

-Balanced critiques. Haven’t we all had that experience of someone who was auditioning to be Simon Cowell? I once had a guy in a writing workshop basically cross out entire pages, only writing NO in capital letters. Some poor soul had an experience of showing up to a critique group, and having a critiquer throw her pages up in the air and declare, “This is crap.”
I concede that sometimes I write crap, but not all of it is crap, and critiquing is not an excuse for you to beat up on me just because you don’t have a dog to kick. /rant
Personally, I try to compliment as much as I critique. And I make sure my criticisms are politely worded and civil. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

-Critiquing to help the person achieve THEIR vision, not YOUR vision.

That’s my critique style in a nutshell. Great topic and awesome responses!