Re: Your Critiquing Style and Experience


Kenra Daniels

I’ve been critiquing pretty intensively for a couple of years now, ever since I started writing seriously again. I’ve critted everything from flash fiction to novel length, in every stage of writing, but never kept track of numbers. Several shorter works per month, flash, short stories, and single chapters, and an average of probably 1 novel-length a month.

I started out critting just as a reader, with really no idea how to do it. Over time, as I learned more about writing, my crits grew. Now, unless the author specifies otherwise, my crits usually cover several aspects of writing, grammar/spelling/word use, sentence and paragraph structure, word choice, logic, character development, dialog, action, plot development, flow… I try to point out what works really well, along with what doesn’t.

Normally I use the track changes feature of Word to crit, making changes/suggestion in the doc, and adding a comment to explain my thoughts. Then I add notes to the end that cover the big picture stuff.

I crit writers at various stages of their careers, from complete newbies to seasoned pros, and I learn something from every crit.

I now have 2 regular CPs – one I’ve been working with for about 2 years (we both need fresh eyes on our work), and a brand new one from LWQ!

THese days I’m pretty busy – I write reviews for my own blog and for a review site and regular posts/articles for both, I’m writing a first draft now, working on developing a good pool of potential readers for when my work get published, critting for my CPs and others… and I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting. 🙂 And my 3 little grandsons live 2 doors down the street, so they’re here a lot. I’m soooo lucky I don’t have a dayjob! Anyway, I have time usually to do random short crits of single chapters, etc. When my first draft is finished in a few weeks, I’ll have time to add another regular CP.

I think that pretty well covers it. 😉