Re: Your Critiquing Style and Experience



The last chapter I critiqued was 2,500 words. My critique was 3,700.

No, not characters. *Words.*

Okay, I can’t promise that every time, but I do like to explain *why* something doesn’t work for me (or does), and possibly give examples. I love examples!

Now, I’m new to critiquing, though I’m a highly experienced line-editor. This comes from a non-fiction writing background, btw. But so far, I’ve had positive feedback from the critiques I’ve done, which are a mix of line-editing (mostly for errors that are consistently repeated and might signal a bad habit), reactions, and comments on consistency/flow/POV/tension/whatever the author specifically suggests.

If you tell me what you’re looking for, I will do my best to venture only into that area. Otherwise, beware: I’ll give you a mix. Though I’d like to think it’s a balanced mix. 🙂

Great thread. I must say it’s been interesting to see everyone’s take on critiquing.