Re: Your Critiquing Style and Experience



I joined Critique Circle (CC) about a year ago and have gained most of my critique experience through that site. I always try to deliver a balanced critique by pointing out things I really like as well as areas I feel need a bit more work.

I don’t usually delve too far into correcting grammar when I’m critiquing. So, if that’s what you’re looking for I’m probably not your girl. Though I will point out things I catch here or there.

When I’m critiquing I usually point out areas where, as a reader, I would have liked to have more information; like how was your character feeling or places where I think you could have included a bit more to help draw your reader in. If something doesn’t jive for me I’ll point it out and do my best to explain why. Oh, and I am always on the look out for too much “telling”. It’s something I always try to look out for in my own writing and always appreciate when people point it out to me.

I’ve found CC to be really helpful but since I can only post a chapter a week in their queue I find that I’m not getting critiques that help me make sure the “big picture” of my story is working. I’m hoping to find a few critique partners that can really dig into my story to help make sure the world I’ve created works and that I’m being consistent with my characters. Oh, and I’m also a little nervous that things work out a little too conveniently in my WIP in a couple of places so it would be really helpful for me to meet some friendly people that I can bounce ideas off of to help me work through these points in my story.